GMS Software provides four key areas of communication. You can communicate with potential members, communicate directly with members, enable members to communicate with each other, and utilize other external forms of communication to advertise your group.

Potential Members
GMS Software provides an extensive marketing section for you to reach potential members.

  • Unique content: When people arrive at your site, they view an expansive non-logged in version of the site. You provide your own content to discuss your organization, your goals, and your benefits, not some boilerplate text. And you can update this material can as desired.
  • Customized graphics: We can include static pictures of your group and even a personalized
    header. *
  • Real calendar: They can view your current event calendar, not just some static sample calendar. The calendar shows a subset of your event information in order to pique the interests of your potential members without enabling them to attend without joining.
  • Testimonials: GMS Software provides a page for you to include testimonials about your group.
  • FAQ: Answer the most commonly asked questions about your group in a document that you maintain.

GMS Software enables you to communicate directly with your members through several means.

  • Send emails: You can email every member at once, every member who signed up for a particular event or specified a particular interest, or just one member.
  • Send messages: The GMS Software has its own messaging software so you can send internal messages to any member. The members can access the message once they log in.
  • Feedback: Both members and potential members have the opportunity to contact you using the internal messaging software. You receive the feedback in an email.

The heart of a group is the bond between the members. The GMS Software fosters the building and maintaining of these bonds.

  • Profiles: Members can put up a profile (including a picture) about themselves. It's a great way to learn who is in the club and more about people you have met. Members can include their email or favorite links in their profiles in order to facilitate contact outside of the GMS Software.
  • Internal messaging: Members can send internal messages to each other.

External Communication
In addition to email, you can keep members and non-members posted on what you are doing, what you've done, and advertise your group through several means.

  • Photos: You can link to a photo site to post pictures of events. The photos are available to members and non-members.
  • Electronic Newsletter: Both members and non-members can sign up on your site to receive electronic newsletters that you create and send whenever you like.
  • Club Gear: Advertise your site by offering club gear. Once you set up an account with Café Press (or any other company) to provide gear that has your logo, both members and non-members can link to it from your group's site.
  • Links: Add a list of clickable links that both members and non-members can view. This is a great way to promote the venues you attend or the people or companies who sponsor you!

* There may be some additional cost.