The GMS Software provides three key areas to enable you to set up, track, and advertise your events. These features allow your members to keep up-to-date on all of your events, enable your event leaders to create and maintain events, and makes sure that you are on top of every event, from what is happening, to who is attending, and when event registration fees have been paid.

And, the GMS Software enables you to tease perspective members with limited event details, showing them what you are doing, but requiring them to join to get the details to attend!


Set Up Events

  • Create Event: You can give any member in the group the ability to create an event, but still approve each event in order to control events. Once you approve an event, every member in the group can view the event. And you can make a change to any of the fields before approving an event.
  • Approve Events: The GMS Software lists on ONE page of all the events that the Leaders created or modified. You then can approve, decline, or postpone each event.
  • Notify You About New Events: The GMS Software also sends you an email each time an event is added to this approval queue.
  • Collect Event Waivers: You can include electronic event waivers on a per-event basis.

Advertise Events

  • View Events: The calendar is the FIRST PAGE that members see when they log in to your site! Members can view the events in a calendar format or scroll list format. From either format, they are just one click away to view the details of any of the events.
  • Feature Events: You can select which events appear in the Featured Events section of the calendar page for members and non-members.
  • Describe Events: Events descriptions include a comprehensive "pertinent information" section that provides all of the basics at a glance. And there is ample room to further describe events and provide directions.
  • RSVP For Events: Members can view who has signed up for each event, how many guests each member is bringing, and anyone on the waiting list. There is even room for each member to add a comment about the event in the RSVP list.
  • Reach Out To Non-Members: Non-member can view all of the your events from the calendar in the non-logged in section of your site. The GMS software blocks pertinent information so that perspective members can find out about all of your events, but not be able to attend without joining. And there is an option to make events "public" so that both members and non-members can see all of the details.
  • Let Members Advertise For You: Members can send emails other members or to non-members to view a particular event.

Track Events

  • View All RSVPs: Members can view ONE LIST that shows all of the events for which they have RSVP'd. From this list, they can view details on the events, pay for the event (if applicable), and even un-RSVP from an event.
  • Track Payments: You can view a list of all members who have signed up, and, if applicable, track payment of the events. The GMS Software automatically updates payment status for credit cards. And it enables you to record when the event has been paid for by cash or check.
  • Modify Events: You can make changes to the events at any point. Leaders can make changes and submit the changes to you as easily as they created the events. Again, you control if and when the changes are posted.
  • Email Event Attendees: You and the Leaders can send group emails all members who have signed up for the events.
  • Remind Attendees: The GMS Software sends out auto-reminders about the event to members and to Leaders.