The GMS Software provides a combination of power and ease-of-use in one package. Members will find it easy and convenient to join and enjoy events.

And you will have the range of features that enable you to provide superior member services through streamlined processes. You can maintain accounts and communicate with your members all from one administrative section.

Online Payments

  • Join: Prospective members can join online and pay by check or credit card. They can pay on a monthly basis or in blocks of time, 3 months, 6 months or a year. And they accept your group's terms and conditions upon joining.
  • Immediate Access: As soon as they join by credit card, they receive an email that tells them how
    to log on.
  • Pay For Events: Members can pay for events online and see immediate conformation for purchases.

Maintaining Accounts

  • View Statistics: The GMS Software provides statistics on active members, new members, expiring members, inactive members, and upcoming birthdays. All of this information is located on ONE page. And from this information, you are a click away to the accounts of any of these members.
  • Modify Accounts: You can view and change the account information on any member. Members can view and modify their personal information, credit card information, password, and secret question.
  • Control Communication: The GMS Software provides messaging status so, if necessary, you can block someone from sending internal messages.
  • Track Membership Status: You can view the length of membership terms, temporarily freeze memberships, add time, and cancel memberships. You can designate roles such as a Leader or an Admin.

Communicate with Members

  • Reward Leaders: The GMS Software automatically keeps track of who has lead events so you can recognize them for their time and effort.
  • Keep In Touch: You can email or message any member in one click from their profile.
    Download Data: You can download comma-delimited files of all account details for backing up records and sending mass emails.
  • Track Advertising: When members join, they can enter a Promo Code. This enables you to see which forms of your advertising are most effective.