The GMS Software enables you to customize and maintain your site. The Club Hub will work with you to personalize your site and maintain your site. And as we release future versions of the GMS Software, you will be able to enter and maintain the content all from the Admin section of your site.


  • The GMS Software can support the currency for the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Custom Content

  • Prospective Members: You supply The Club Hub with the content that you want display in your non-logged in section. Here you can describe your club, events, mission, and benefits. In future versions, the GMS Software enables you to upload and maintain the content through Admin functionality.
  • Links to Outside Services: The GMS Software enables you to link to photo clubs or logo gear clubs. See Communication for more details.
  • Suggested Links: You can provide a list of website links that may be of interest to your members and prospective members. This is a great way to showcase companies you work with or who support your group.

The Club Hub Customer Service

  • Critical Issues: The Club Hub will supply you a phone numbers for immediate response.
  • Questions or Comments: Email any questions, concerns or issues to our staff. We will respond within two working days.
  • Website Logs: You can analyze your website's history using third party tools. The Club Hub can work with you to set up this analysis and training.*

* There are additional costs for this service.